On average, metal roofing costs between $5,500 and $15,000.On average you can expect to spend about $10,000 as a midpoint to this range. Of course, this can vary dramatically depending on things like your home’s square footage the type of materials and fasteners you choose, and the pitch of your roof. Revolutionary War financier and innovator Robert Morris introduced sheet iron reduced at his own Trenton, New Jersey rolling mill for the roof of his Philadelphia mansion in 1794. Thomas Jefferson was an early advocate of plate roofing which he used on Monticello.

Asphalt Shingles are the most common roofing materials in America because they are effective in all environmental conditions. The national average cost to replace a roof is around $8,000 with most people spending in the range of $11,000.


Metal Sales Impact Building System is a fast and easy way for you to instantly provide your customers, with a design/build, cold-formed steel building package, complete with a cost estimate, construction contract, and blueprints ready for permit. Start now and have your building up in less than a few months…


The Color Visualizer tool allows you to instantly explore a variety of roofing profiles and colors. Get inspired and find Panels colors that will suit your building style by choosing to work with one of our sample projects or upload your own project image.


Metal Sales are committed to advancing sustainable designs and building objectives, including architectural strategies that integrate energy efficiency LEED certification and Net Zero principle                    .


When it comes to building products, system and accessories metal stands above the rest. Here’s what they are saying about it on the jobsites.


Outsiders would suggests that ‘’architect’’ is not a language. We know better ‘’ARCHTECT’’ is a distinct language. See what architect have to say about Metal Sales-in their own words.

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The international Roofing Expo is the #1 event for exhibitions and education for the roofing and exterior construction industries. The IRE brings the professionals community together to help them stay current on trending knowledge and to see the largest selection of products and services. Our goal is to help professional’s improve their business through education, exhibition and networking.

Standing seem metal roofing panels from Petersen are coasted in PAC-CLAD PVDF coasting from prefinished sheet metal. It is applied to both steel and aluminum roof panels. Originally developed for use in abrasive environments.

PAC-CLAD architectural panels for standing seam metal roofing system are produced in factory formed length of up to 55 feet. They are also available in longer lengths. The PAC-CLAD knar 500 finish covered by a non-prorated 30-years warranty is available in 45 colors on steel an industrial aluminum roofing panels. Most color meet LEED, cool roof certification requirement. Selected profiles can be special ordered from 16oz, copper. The national average cost to replace a roof is around $8,000 with most people standing in the range of $5,500 to $11,000.You can count on a metal roof to cost anywhere between $5 to $14 per square foot. This means that a metal roof installation on a 2,500 square foot hours could cost as much as $35,000!


As we mentioned before, metal roofs are becoming more popular. In fact, accordingly to the metal roofing alliance (MRA) metal roofing is the second most popular types of roofing among residential construction in the United States, here are some of the most popular types.

  • Standing Seam
  • Snap Lock
  • Zinc Metal
  • Tin Metal roof
  • Corrugated metal roof
  • Copper roofing
  • Metal Sales Roof


Of course, it is clear that metal roofs cost more than other conventional roof types, such as asphaltic roofs. However, it is worth noting that metal roofs can actually save you more money in the long run, as they tend to last longer than other roof types. While an asphaltic shingles roof can last up to 15 or 25+ years, a metal roof will last long as 50+years!

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